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Who we are

ClassicGold has been a household name in the Toothbrush industry since its inception in 1987. We have always believed in keeping up with the global trends. With a clear vision to meet the need of its quality conscious customers, the overall profile of the brand has been upgraded including rebranding to ClassicGold.

With a goal to reach every household in the country, we manufacture toothbrushes to suit the need of everyone in a family!

What we do best

Our remarkable growth has been achieved on account of emphasis on quality at all levels. Every stage from procurement of raw materials to the finished product is monitored with utmost care and attention. Every product that comes out of the assembly line goes through stringent quality checks across each stage of the manufacturing process.

Keeping in mind the ultimate vision of our brand, ClassicGold boasts of its Distribution Network through which Millions of Consumers are experiencing one of the best quality products all over the country.

How we do it

The brand’s success is mainly attributed to its consistent quality and a corporate culture backed by dedicated and enthusiastic team. Consistent innovation and investment in technology up-gradation are other key factors of our success. From the very beginning, we wanted to ensure that our consumers got a feel of the quality and value we are offering them. We made this possible by sourcing the latest machinery from around the world, advanced in all forms of reliability and technical excellence.

Another focus point for us is the quality of Raw Materials. It is sourced from leading global suppliers like DuPont, USA, a legend in high quality polymers since the industrial revolution. In addition to using only premium quality DuPont bristles, we also use 100% food grade material to ensure long lasting quality products for best results.